Wood borer – A furniture beetle

Wood borer – A furniture beetle

Have you ever noticed corners of your rooms or the window sills or trees in and around you having tell tale flight holes? If yes, then you might be thinking how it has occurred. The answer to your question is – A common house borer – Woodborer which destroys the wood around your house. It is a form of home pest which includes many varieties and families of beetles like- bark beetle, metallic flat-headed borer, bostrichid powder post beetles, old household beetles and more. Indo Pest Control Management has years of experience to provide accomplished pest control service and non – toxic methods to its customers.

Common methods for Wood borer treatment:

Wood borer, also called as Wood Worm re-infests seasoned and pounded wood. It damages the wood slowly and slowly as initial signs of influx are small in the form of holes that appear n the surface. These holes mark places where beetles larval and adult forms have been materialized. For its treatment various methods are available in pest control according to the type of woodborer. Wood-boring beetles can spoil any wood product including pallets, crates, shipping carts, firewood and more. It can also damage household wooden items like – picture frames, sofas, chairs, broom handles, baskets, carved wooden art objects, artifacts, decorative wooden crafts, soft metals, plaster, plastic and many more things.

For active wood borers, many Spot Treatments are provided by our company operators which add – controlling moisture in the wood, use surface covers, mechanical removal, freezing, insecticides and more.

  • For controlling moisture, crawl spaces should be well ventilated or else plastic sheet can be used or paint the surface so that it prevents beetle from piercing in the wood.
  • In Surface treatment, if there are few pieces of lumber, it should be replaced to get relief from wood-borers.
  • Wood borers can also be killed at freezing temperatures especially when they are in small furniture. If large freezer is available, this control option can be used often. You just need to freeze it for about 13-14 days. After subjected to freezing, it should be draped in plastic.
  • Insecticides for Wood borer Treatment can be used which are provided by our company. We give a range of pesticides, best suitable for any kind of pest. Our best operators can treat serious infestations via fumigants which control even large numbers of beetles.
  • Water based treatment can also be done which gives you long-term solution of your problem. This way it is retained inside the timber layers, cracks, flight holes and there is no chance of future infestations.
  • Entotherm Heat Treatment is also provided by our company which helps not only in removing wood borers but also bed bugs and other insects. This is done by applying heat within a Heat Pod which is totally a chemical-free method and reaches all regions of insect infestations.

Other home remedies include-

  • Vacuuming the wooden parts regularly so as to remove the loose frass and then flood brush with borer insecticides.
  • Pesticides can be injected in the holes using a syringe.
  • Simply paint with Bayer Coopex solution on the infected area and leave it outside for a few days.
So, get a complete line of Wood borer Treatment in order to avoid any type of problem related to pests in your house and other areas. For more information on how to drive away pests, please contact Indo Pest Control Management.

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