Rodent Control

Rodent Control

The term rodent control is introduced to Control rats, mice and bandicoots. Generally they are found outside and inside in homes, hotels, retail stores. Habitually they are damages to food items and camera and electricity wire, cloths, ceilings, walls, papers and grounds of garden and imperative plants with sharp teeth. Mostly they are key transmitter of some disease such as pillage, allergies, bad smell to human living environment. The control of rodents is very essential for save your stuff Indo Pest Control Management is providing to its clients exclusive services with involvement of rodenticide and Eco-friendly practices.

Discovery palaces:

Rats are generally hide in ceilings, holes in walls and floors, grocery store, garbage areas basement mismanaged areas which are out of reach of control

  • In hotels Housekeeping pantries and residential material stock.
  • Hotel garbage rooms and back areas.
  • Basement and engineering panels in hotels, hospitals and commercial buildings
  • Sewers and ground areas of golf course, resorts, hotels, and residential areas
  • General store rooms and grocery store rooms
  • Ceilings areas
  • Hotels and homes kitchens

Control procedures

  • Auditing: Our expert team has good knowledge to identify the access points for rats from outside to inside and stages of damage expectation. We audit all areas before start services and find out all threats possibilities and consult timely for potential damage
  • Seal Entry points: Entry points of rats must be sealed. Our staff is highly capable to seal entry all expected point with best methods of rodent controls
  • Cake: we are using approved by different kinds of standards bromadiolone made rodenticide cake which are no harmful for human but very effective to control of rodents
  • Bait: We are using poisonous Zinc phosphide made rodenticide baits which are instant kills to rats within some seconds
  • Glue trap: These are Eco-friendly product which are gums consumed Pads
  • Trapper: Trapper are manual and very effective equipments help to catch rodent in


  • To keep carry in plastically bags to throughout away from buildings.
  • Rodents bait station.
  • Gum pads.
  • Dustbins.
  • Back areas.


  • Save to properties
  • Save to expensive amentias and belongings.
  • Save to garden and plants from damages.
  • Save to your potential damages of properties.
  • Obtain sanitary environment in commercial and residential areas

Our services

Responsibilities of Indo Pest Control Management services are always put in front overcome to rodents from residential and commercial areas. Customer relation and care management is always pay attention to short out all problems related to rodents with 24×7×365 day’s services on call and by mail with record of daily basis on rodent tracking sheets

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