Mosquitoes Control

mosquito control.

Mosquitoes are very imitators and traveler for so many diseases species. Warm weather is allows mosquitoes eggs to become an adults 3-5 days. Mosquitoes are infects millions of people in every years. The family population of mosquitoes is above 3,000 over the globe. When we are going to watch movies in cinema, fun in disc, drink & food in restaurant and hotel, travels to hills and greens areas, work in home and offices, study in institutions they always irritates to us and causes of several kind of viral, allergies and diseases for human and domestic animal. INDO PEST CONTROL MANAGEMENT is one of one pest control company in India to control mosquitoes from your home, commercial and industrial areas with Eco-friendly, stainless and odorless chemical treatments

Chemical Treatments:

  • Larva chemical sprays in all drains, gutter and vegetation areas.
  • Adult chemicals spray in all drains, gutter and inside areas.
  • Contact chemical sprays in all inside areas.
  • Chemical spray in behind and below of commodities.
  • Stainless chemical sprays on walls, plants and stores.

Fogging Technique:

This technique is known for fog system which done through fogging machine to control mostly mosquitoes, insects, house flies with diesel, kerosene oil composition with Deltamethrin, Cypermethrin chemicals. Fogging consisting following areas which are:
  • Fogging in all outer areas, near plants, trees, garbage areas.
  • Fogging in party hall insides and outside areas.
  • Control mosquitoes in open party and banqueting areas.
  • Public areas, Drains and parking.
  • Fogging in all outer areas and required inside especially in cinemas, production houses, and conference halls.
Note: We are always use noiseless fogging machine with public health chemical.


  • Safe from diseases and irritation allergies.
  • Safe yours Child, animals health.
  • Improve quality of hospitals, health centers, shopping complex, cinema halls.
  • Comforts your guest at hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs.
  • Make healthy and sanitary environment at your livelihoods.

Our services

Responsibilities of INDO PEST CONTROL MANAGEMENT services are always put in front overcome to mosquitoes from residential and commercial areas. Customer relation and care management is always pay attention to short out all problems related to mosquitoes with 24×7×365 day’s services on call and by mail with record of daily basis on Mosquitoes tracking sheets.

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