Flies Control

Flies Control

Flies as pest are creating threats for human and animal’s effect hygiene and causes nuisance and painful reactions. They are transmitters of numbers of diseases including Fly Controltyphoid, gastroenteritis, dysentery, polio, salmonella and tuberculosis through some of them house flies, fruit flies, green bottle flies, stable flies, and several others. Industrials and commercial as well as residential fly control is an important factor for business as part of HACCP fulfillment. Flies are mostly attract from wastes of food, soils, water affected areas, fruits, sweets, close to human and animals. The life cycle of flies 1 to 7 days from eggs to adults and life of adults fly is 1 to 3 month in warmer climates and rainy sessions and breeding on vegetable and animal waste. Fly control is most important for human and animal every single fly can carry over one million bacteria’s. Indo Pest Control Management is committed to by 100% eliminate to fly from Residential, commercial and commercial areas.

Primary practices to Eliminate flies

  • Neat and clean to all outer and interior areas.
  • Use to sanitary agents on daily basis.
  • Clean properly your animal face and body.
  • Remove food wastes clean your food cooking and service areas.
  • Use lids tight dustbins and use recycling plastic bags its help to us for sanitary environment.
  • Use tight-fitting windows and self closed door for outside entry areas.
  • Use air cutter over outside doors.

Chemical practices to Eliminate flies

  • Spray of pesticides inside and outside of building at morning time.
  • Spray on food cooking preparation and service areas.
  • Spray often the edges of door, windows frames, light fitting, wall corner, ceiling, tops of walls.
  • Spray in all drains of outer and interior areas of building.

Eco-friendly practices to Eliminate flies

  • Using glue traps food service areas, tea services areas.
  • Using electricity baits in animal house, vegetable and sweets stores, meat store etc.
  • Using insect repellent in people sitting areas.


  • Safe from diseases and irritation.
  • Save to expensive amentias and belongings.
  • Safe yours Child, animals and plants.
  • Make healthy and sanitary environment at your live hoods.

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Responsibilities of Indo Pest Control Management services are always put in front overcome to rodents from residential and commercial areas. Customer relation and care management is always pay attention to short out all problems related to rodents with 24×7×365 day’s services on call and by mail with record of daily basis on rodent tracking sheets.

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