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Are you afraid of the terrifying Bedbugs bites and do not know the proper treatment for these? If yes, there is nothing to worry; Indo Pest Control Management is there to help you anytime. It is there to answer all your questions like – What are they? Where are they found? How they look? Are they insects? Does itching occur if they bite? What is the treatment if the bite? And many more questions. First of all, let us know –

What Bedbugs actually are?

These are basically insects which feed on blood only. Scientifically, they are known as Cimex lectularius (Cimicidae) and are wingless. We – Humans are supreme hosts for them. It’s name has been derived from their habitat which is warm houses, within beds or other sleep region. During night time they are fully active and charged and become unnoticeable parasites. The name human parasites are best suited for these insects. These are usually reddish-brown in color, oval in shape and flattened with vestigial front wings. Their appearance is banded and has segmented abdomens. Where they are found is also the main point of attraction. They can be in any of the hotels, your houses, hospitals, nursing homes, flats, jails, shops, dormitories, apartments, furniture, bedding, clothes, shoes, purses and many more areas. Need not to be surprised that anybody can be its victim at any time. They do not occur due to lack of cleanliness in the house but can also move from fissures in the walls as well as on the floors.

Symptoms and Effects of Bedbugs bite:

Bedbugs bite mostly occurs on any of the exposed body parts may be the face, neck, arms, feet or even hands. The symptoms can be seen within minutes to days after it bites initial ally. Bedbug control is not difficult if its symptoms are known earlier.

  • It starts with simple itching turning the skin as reddish in color.
  • It can be flat welt or a lifted bump forming clusters or linear mold which takes one to two weeks to go.
  • Mostly the bite of a bedbug is painless at first, and then forms itchy welts.
  • It bites while sleeping and bites do not form centered red spot like a flea does.
  • Sometimes a systemic allergic reaction develops. It bites take place repeatedly, insomnia can occur.
  • Anxiety can also occur with repeated infestations of bedbug.
  • Bedbug infestation can easily multiply within all the rooms in the house as it can move simply via luggage, clothing, bedding, furniture etc.
  • Treatment of Bedbugsc

    Bedbugs Treatment is not a big deal today. There are various methods – doctrines and home remedies that help in removing bedbugs from your house and life.

  • Simple tropical steroid creams may be applied on the affected area. This will give relief to pain and itching.
  • If scratched area is paining antibiotics can be taken as per the advice of your physician.
  • Regular pest control should be done to avoid infestation. Insecticides should be sprayed on beddings, garments, tables, sofas, couches, almiras, bed frames, cabinets, molding, wall and windows, dressing table, chairs, shelving and all other objects as bed bugs can be anywhere.
  • Freezing can be done. Though it takes many days but can be proved as better option in winters when hot locations are difficult to find.
  • Vacuuming can help removing bug from cracks, crevices, fabric folds, sofas, carpets and more. Keep the content of vacuum cleaner tightly closed to avoid spreading here and there. If possible, caulk all the cracks so that it stops bedbugs to enter into your house.
  • All the fabrics should be kept clean. Dry them on heat to kill bedbugs. So, let us fight together with these bedbugs and have a healthy life ahead.
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