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What is Termite?

Termite is known as a small, pale soft-bodied insect that lives in bulky colonies with numerous different castes, typically within a mound of cemented earth. Many kinds feed on wood and can be highly destructive to trees and timber. Generally termite living in group which is classified for damage, walls, trees, plants, floors, wooden items, carpet, papers and other important items. Scientific researchers are estimated that a single queen may produce 20,000 to 30,000 eggs in day and life time is of this queen for 45 years this population dangerous for your building and materials.

Causes of Termite

The damages of termite lost to billion of rupees each year.

  • Old paper Store, plywood and wooden made items.
  • Living trees and shrubs, plants, plaster, wooden and wooden furniture.
  • Floors and foundation of walls or adjoining porches and patios, walls, wooden ceiling, beneath concrete slabs, and within foundation walls, wooden floors of buildings.
  • Wire of electricity and fitting and fixtures.

Audit of Termite

  • Search tiny bore or holes in plaster, near walls, wooden items.
  • Wings of termite are the best audit points around building and wooden materials.
  • Check through screwdriver on wooden material and analysis possibility.
  • In basement, stores, cupboards, ducts and ceiling areas checking through flashlight.
  • Nest of termite on walls, trees, wooden materials are clear points for termite.

Preventions Procedures-Anti Termite Treatment in Chandigarh

  • Make sure all leaks and standing water, both inside and outside of your home are secured and dry. Broom away or suction up any unwanted water if possible.
  • Dirty wet gutters are also an ideal home for termites. So keep neat and clean to gutters free from debris for further prevention.
  • Keep clean and away from moisture of your wooden items.
  • Timely repair leaking faucets, water sources, sink areas and A/C units.

Pre - Construction Treatment

This treatment is most important because your building is stand on strong foundation. Termite is always destroying to foundation which cause to damage of building.

Indo Pest control Management gives full protection to foundation of your building through pre construction treatment. Procedures are mentioned clear to you below are

  • Chemical treatment all sides and underside to surface of the foundation trenches and pits.
  • All walls from the foundation underside to surface level and all sides till to surface area.
  • Concrete structure of floor treated by the chemicals.
  • Chemical treatment surrounding fixtures and fittings of the foundation.

Post - Construction Treatment

This treatment is done after construction of building which applies before and after infestation through the chemical treatment.

Indo Pest Control Management is providing best quality long protection anti termite treatment in Chandigarh with highly trained technicians. Procedures are mentioned clear to you below are

  • Chemical application through the hole by drill machine in floors, brick surface, concrete surface, wooden surface etc.
  • Chemical treatment of all wooden fixtures, like windows, doors, fittings, cupboards etc.
  • Treatment of electricity fixtures and fittings through chemicals.
  • Chemical treatment of old papers in stores and wooden items.
  • Chemical treatment of all walls from outside areas and inside floors.

Our Service Area

  • Anti Termite Treatment in Chandigarh.
  • Anti Termite Treatment in Mohali.
  • Anti Termite Treatment in Zirkpur.
  • Anti Termite Treatment in Panchkula.
  • Anti Termite Treatment in Baddi.
  • Anti Termite Treatment in Parwanoo.
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  • Anti Termite Treatment in Ambala.
  • Anti Termite Treatment in Kurukshetra.

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