How to find out Rodent in Hotel

What is Hotel?

Hotel is place where we get food, drinks, accommodation, convention, banqueting, and conferences away from homes, office, companies and business palaces. A small, budget and star luxury category of hotel always provide food, drinks, accommodation to all kinds travelers, businessman, celebrities, politicians, corporate managers. Mostly hotel is managed by several departments which are front office, food service & production sales and marketing human resources, purchase and storage and housekeeping. Housekeeping is responsible for keep aesthetic, maintain pest free hygienic & sanitations and cleaning.

What is Rodent (Rats)?

Rodent control basically is related to rats, mice and bandicoots. Generally they are found outside and inside in homes, hotels, retail stores. Habitually they are damages to food items and camera and electricity wire, cloths, ceilings, walls, papers, amenities and grounds of garden and imperative plants with sharp teeth. Mostly they are key transmitter of some disease such as pelage, allergies, bad smell to human living environment.

How to find them?

Rodents are cleaver for hiding them self expertise is needed to identify rats’ living areas and breeding areas. The knowledge of discovering rats is most important they are generally hides in ceilings, holes in walls and floors, grocery store, garbage areas, basement, mismanaged areas which are out of reach of control. In hotel they find in housekeeping pantries, garbage rooms, kitchen, general stores, grocery stores, electricity panels, AHU, basement areas, P.O.P ceiling, drains, behind and below ranges and heavy machine and equipment. The most identification point is smell and cutting wires and papers, wooden, grocery store, cloths and came out at evening time.